National Mentoring Day


Our Mentoring Mission

 Our global mission is to make mentoring accessible to every child, adult, business, or group that needs it, regardless of their age, race, or circumstances. 

We work towards and envision a world that puts mentoring at the forefront and heart of business, education, society, and communities.

To Create Lasting Change, the World Needs Mentoring! 


Our Mentoring Ask

 We ask everyone worldwide to give just one hour of their time on National Mentoring Day on 27th October to mentor one person. Everyone has skills, knowledge, and experience to share as a mentor.

One hour can be all that’s needed to effect a positive change. By helping raise just one individual it can impact a whole family, community, and leave a mentoring imprint for future generations.

Our vision is to elevate all forms of mentoring throughout the world and ensure everyone has an opportunity to reach their fullest potential with access to mentoring. 

We Are Passionate and Care About Impacting Lives.
We Are Inclusive and Champion All Forms of Mentoring.
We Empower Others to Become Mentors.
We Inspire Individuals to Seek Mentoring.
We Encourage Organisations to Implement Mentoring.
We Share Our Resources and Share Your Stories.
We Are Committed to Make Mentoring Accessible to Everyone.

Mentoring is critical to support all sectors of business, education, and society,
this means unprecedented levels of mentoring are urgently needed.
If you are a mentor, please join us.

Everyone Deserves a Mentor

Get Involved

It is our belief that Mentoring should be accessible and available to any business, individual or group that needs it. National Mentoring Day will help make this happen. Get Involved and together we can make a difference.